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No more worries. No more frights.

Your son or daughter still not back from school or from that party? There’s no need to keep calling or send text after text and not get an answer. Thanks to FindMe, one click lets you know where they are… It’s that simple.

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Manage the unexpected.

You’ve organised a bike ride or rock climbing trip with several club members and all of a sudden you realize one of them is left behind. Where are they? Are they going to catch up? No worries with FindMe! With one click you can geolocate them and take the appropriate action.

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Help your employees to work more efficiently.

Get your team working more effectively by using FindMe to manage their schedule…
With FindMe you know where they are during working hours.

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FindMe with PermiLoc:

PermiLoc is the first application to let me decide at any time who can locate me, when and how accurately. Used alongside PermiLoc, FindMe gives you the freedom to choose.

FindMe : peace of mind, confidence and more!