How do I use FindMe with PermiLoc? Nothing easier!

To locate your contacts, you can download and install the FindMe application on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
To be located with confidence, your contacts have to download and install the PermiLoc application on their smartphone, and define their location conditions: by whom, in which geographic zone(s) and to what degree of accuracy. Find out more about PermiLoc => link to PermiLoc

  • Sign up to FindMe
  • Invite your contacts to be located using FindMe
  • Your contacts reply to your invitation on PermiLoc
  • Be located too

Sign up to FindMe

Sign up to FindMe

If you have a PermiLoc account, use the same identifiers to sign up to FindMe.
Create your account on FindMe:

  • Via your e-mail address*

Click on “Register”, and enter the information requested

  • Via your Facebook account

Click on “Sign in with Facebook” and follow the instructions

  *When you join, you are asked to provide a certain amount of information. This information is collected only with the aim of authenticating you, it is secure and will on no account be passed on to a third party.


Invite your contacts to be located

Invite your contacts to be located

In the application menu, go to “Invitations”, then “Invite”.

  • Via Facebook

Select the friends you want to invite and send the invitation.

  • By e-mail

Enter one or more e-mail addresses or select them from your address book and send the invitation.


Your contacts reply to your invitation on PermiLoc

For you to be able to locate a contact, they must have authorised you to do so through the PermiLoc app:

  • By downloading the app from the store


  • Via the invitation that you sent them

When you invite a contact to be located, if they have not yet downloaded the PermiLoc app, they will receive an invitation by e-mail redirecting them to the application to be installed.


Be located too

You, too, can be located by your contacts. For this, you must also download PermiLoc to your smartphone to set the location permissions of your choice.

Good to know
Once the contacts you have invited have downloaded PermiLoc and accepted your invitation, they automatically appear in your list of contacts in FindMe and you can then locate them (as long as their own permissions settings allow you to do so)