FindMe: Why this new geolocation app?

Our phone calls often start with the famous question “Where are you”?
This is often a sore question which translates our need to know more accurately where our loved ones, our fellow club members or colleagues are located.
New ways of communicating need new applications. FindMe lets me locate a family member, a fellow club member or colleague very easily with just one click. With their consent, of course.
FindMe: the app that keeps you close, but sets you free.

FindMe: the real ‘anti-stress’ app

FindMe helps me connect with the people I know. In a few seconds I can locate my loved ones if they own an iOS or Android smartphone, or a Windows 8 phone. I feel reassured, without having to call them or bombard them with texts.
FindMe: the ‘anti-stress’ app. By nature.

FindMe with PermiLoc: geolocation made easy, and what’s more, with Permission

Yes, FindMe is the best way of keeping an eye on my children, for example. But I want them to have their freedom. FindMe is the geolocation app which respects privacy. So my children must give their consent to be located, thanks to PermiLoc, the Permission app. They can decide as they please, Who locates them, Where and When. And they can change the settings as and when they like.

How to proceed:

  • 1. I download the application from my smartphone’s online store (App Store, Google Play or Windows Store)
  • 2. I follow the instructions to register for the service (this operation takes place only once)
  • 3. I invite the people I know to share their location with me.
  • 4. Once I have their consent via PermiLoc I only have to click on their name to see where they are on a map, as long as they want me to.