I can’t create an account on FindMe. What should I do?

To open a FindMe account you must enter your e-mail address as well as your mobile phone number. This process aims to protect you: by sending an activation text message to your mobile phone to confirm the creation of your account, we are making sure that you are the one who is registering, and that no one is trying to steal your identity. This data will on no account be divulged to a third party or used for commercial purposes.

Warning: if you already have a PermiLoc account, do not create a new account for FindMe. Please use the same e-mail address and the same password as identifiers.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

Click on “Forgotten password”. A new password is immediately sent to you to the e-mail address used to identify you. You can then sign in using this new password, and if you wish you can change it to your own personal password by clicking on “My Account”, “Change my Password”.

When I first sign in my contacts list is empty. Why?

Your smartphone contacts are not imported automatically. It is up to you to invite the contacts you wish to locate, if they accept it, from the “Invite” section of the application. These invitations can be extended by e-mail or via Facebook.

Can a contact belong to several groups?

Yes, of course. You can create as many groups as you wish. These groups may contain as many contacts as you like, and the same contact may of course be found in several different groups (for example “Friends”, “Family”, “Colleagues”).

Are the alerts I receive triggered accurately?

Yes, on two conditions:

- The telephone of your located contact must be connected to the network and operational (i.e. sufficiently charged battery, GPS and location settings activated).

- Your contact must activate geolocation and define their location permissions in PermiLoc with the best possible accuracy.

Can I schedule as many alerts as I like for a contact?

Yes. The number of alerts is not limited.

Does the person I am locating know I have located them?

Yes. The person you are locating must have the PermiLoc application. They can then access the list of those who have located them over the last 24 hours, and find out at precisely what time these persons located them.

From time to time is the address of the person I am locating not the right one. Is this normal?

Calculation of GPS location is accurate to a radius of around 50 metres. Matching with postal addresses may therefore be degraded.

Does FindMe use a lot of battery power?

No. FindMe uses energy only when you consult positions.