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Mobile operators: a practical, lucrative service strengthening brand loyalty

This is a very practical service for the subscribers’ friends and family. FindMe adapts to the needs of the family or clubs, letting them know when a member arrives in or leaves a particular place.

  • Premium version available
    Deveryware can offer a premium version, which the operator can bundle with call plans and/or smartphones
  • White label app available
    Deveryware can supply the FindMe app with your own branding, according to your requirements.
  • Location of conventional mobiles
    FindMe can connect to your cell-id platform to locate conventional mobiles.

Service publishers: enhance your user experience

The FindMe application allows access to different services by providing an immediately operational people location service. The associated PermiLoc application manages permissions within various private or professional frameworks.

Social networks: being together and being free

The FindMe application is designed for social networks, and gives the location of members who give their consent, and groups even when they own smartphones with differing operating systems.
Proximity alerts for nearby contacts are sent out, letting the user know they may be able to set up a meeting straight away. Everyone in the network is completely free to choose via PermiLoc which members may locate them.

Public administration and local authorities: closer to the public and field-based staff

Many national and regional organisations need to manage people who are on the move: permanent staff, contractors and subcontractors. The FindMe application provides a simple, ready-made solution. People who may feel unsure about being located can be reassured by use of the associated PermiLoc application which allows them to decide under what circumstances they give their consent to be located. It is also possible to integrate these capabilities with specific information or management systems.

Advertisers: Good Deals to boost your Brand

An effective people locator, FindMe with PermiLoc also allows users to make smart buys in the vicinity. PermiLoc includes the ‘Good Deals‘ function which sends nearby special offers to users who agree to receive them.

Privacy protection and protection of personal information: the ethics of Permission

Deveryware has designed FindMe based on the recommendations of the data and privacy protection authorities and incorporates all necessary safeguards for civil liberties. Unnecessary capabilities such as the history of past locations are not made available. On the other hand thanks to PermiLoc every user can choose by whom, when and where they give their consent to be located. The user can decide, if they so wish, to be located at neighbourhood, town or county level, and can find out afterwards who located them and when within the last 24 hours.

The relevant authorities can point to FindMe and PermiLoc as examples of well-designed LBS services. Thanks to their design, which lends itself to all sorts of uses, FindMe and PermiLoc may one day become the standard applications recommended by the authorities for the safe operation of location-based services.